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Epic Staff connects independent culinary and service professionals with establishments in need of shift-work.

What is
Epic Staff

Whether you are a restaurant owner or manage a catering company, or food and beverage industry professional looking to work for front of house or back of house, Epic Staff is for you. Epic Staff app allows you to find quick contracts on your own time.

Epic Staff is not an employer, but simply connects independent professionals with establishments for contract work.

Contracts Marketplace

Start working as soon as 30 min from now! Contracts can be browsed by starting time, location and match on your personal kitchen or restaurant experience.

Specialized Profiles

Whether you work front of house or back of house, stand out by filling out a custom portfolio of your skills and experience.

Seamless Process

Once you accept a contract, negotiate your rate directly in the app and check-in when you get to restaurant. All hours worked will be calculated automatically until you check out.

Instant Pay

Best of all, get paid instantly! Once you finish your job, the money will be transferred straight to you. Epic Staff uses Zumrails to connect your desired financial institution.

How it Works

How does Epic Staff work?

Epic Staff is a mobile application. It serves as a platform for food and beverage industry establishments to find contractors. It allows contractors to browse through open contracts and earn a living as an autonomous worker.

What do I need to sign up?

- A smart phone
- A financial institution compatible with Zumrails
- A willingness to work

- A smart phone
- A food and beverage establishment
- A financial institution compatible with Zumrails
- Work that needs to be done

How much does Epic Staff cost?

Epic Staff is free to join for all users. Epic Staff charges 25% of the contractors bill to the establishment and charges nothing to contractors.


Why do you check references?

References are checked to make sure you are who you are. Online bots and fake profiles are frowned upon at Epic Staff. Only real people can become Epic Staff and we have implemented measures to insure this.

How do I find shifts?

1. Sign up to Epic Staff
2. Set up your profile and set your skill sets
3. Using matchmaking and geolocation, available contracts appear in the contracts section of the app’s toolbar.

How quickly do I get paid?

Swift payments are a priority at Epic Staff. Simply connect your desired financial institution to your Epic Staff profile and payments will be processed between 24h and up to 4 days, after the contract has been completed and deposited directly into your account.

How do I get paid?

Epic Staff uses Zumrails to connect your desired financial institution with your Epic Staff profile. Funds are deposited into your account after completing a contract.

What is Zumrails?

Zumrails software solves the payment puzzle.The software streamlines the onboarding process, provides advanced KYC / AML tools, moves funds in real-time, manages payment operations and simplifies reconciliation, all through a single API layer or payment portal that offers the most elegant user experience in the market. Zumrail has handled over 10b$ in transaction. Check them out: ZumRails

Are my reviews public?

Reviews are not made public. However, certain accumulative negative reviews or actions can prompt a negative badge to appear on your profile for no more than 30 days. Ex:If a contractor is late 3 times, a tardy badge will appear on his profile warning establishments of their lack of punctuality.

How much should I charge for my services?

Whatever you want ! Epic Staff does not dictate how much you are worth. Only you can do that here. We will advise on local markets and trends, but ultimately, that decision is up to you.

Insurance: Who is responsible?

As autonomous workers, you are responsible for anything that happens. We strongly suggest procuring personal insurance while using Epic Staff. Epic Staff is only a platform to connect users. We do not hold any accountability for anything that happens outside of the application.

What if I am late to a shift?

When a contract is accepted, contact information can be disclosed in the chat section to exchange any pertinent information regarding the contract. This includes messages directed to the establishments management which can be used to advise for tardiness.

What if I need to cancel my shift?

A contract can be cancelled without any repercussions within 30 minutes of accepting a contract. (Except if the contract is tagged as urgent and starts within the same day) Contractors will be fined 50$ for cancelling contracts without a valid excuse at the last minute (within 24h) and the number of cancelled contracts will be listed on your profile for 6 months. If an emergency happens, contact Epic Staff customer service and we will assist you in avoiding repercussions for cancelling your contract last minute.

- If worker cancel contracts less than 15 min after accepting - grace period (always) - no consequence
- If worker cancels contract 48hrs+ from start time - no consequence
- If worker cancels contract less than 48hrs from start time - cancellation badge (appears on profile after 3 cancels)
- If worker cancels contract less than 24hrs from start time - last min cancellation badge (appears on profile right away)

No one signed me in and I already started working.

If you started working before signing in, find the person responsible and have them sign you in and enter the proper starting time if it was delayed.

No one signed me in and I can not find my contact.

In your contract details you will find the number of the person responsible you need to reach at your contract. Contact this person and inquire about their location or who is responsible for punching you in at your contract location.

I need to sign out and my contact is not here. What should I do?

Find the establishments contact in your contract details and contact them to find out who is supposed to punch you out.

I forgot to punch out of my event, what now?

If you are still in the vicinity of the establishment, find the contact responsible for punching you out. If not, your shift will end at the time that was indicated on your contract.

Do I need a social insurance number ?

You must be legal to work in the location you are in.

What happens to my personal data?

Your personal data is not shared with anyone.



Are there any commitments to signing up?

None whatsoever.

How are hourly rates determined?

Contractors have wage choice. As an establishment you can set your salary expectations, but in the end, you will have to pick the contractors who have applied to your post along with their requested wages.

How do I get charged?

Epic Staff uses a third party software company called Zumrails. Zumrails allows its users to connect to their preferred payment process, whether it’s by credit card, paypal or even from their checking account directly.

How can I cancel a shift?

- If establishment cancels contract where no worker accepted - no consequence
- If establishment cancels contract with accepted worker 24hr+ from start time - no consequence
- If establishment cancels contract with accepted worker less than 24hr from start time - worker gets paid 3 hrs + Epic Staff gets service fee

How do you assure the quality of a contractor?

Contractors go through a scrutinizing screening process when sign up. This determines their skills based on our algorithms developed by industry professionals. Contractors are also reviewed by your peers. This ensures contractors are filtered before they are presented to you based on your contract needs.

Insurance: Who is responsible ?

Contractors on Epic Staff are autonomous workers. They are responsible if anything happens. They are encouraged to have personal insurance in case of an accident. Epic Staff does not employ its contractors. Epic Staff is a platform to connect establishments to contractors.

How do I save money with Epic Staff?

-Saves time with hiring process: avoid filtering through CV’s and taking time to schedule an interview
-Multifaceted app: hiring, punch in/out, ratings, payement, reserving staff
-Save on payroll obligations and contributions
-Keep your core team smaller

Epic Staff is targeted at the food and beverage industry. It’s users on both sides are from the industry. This streamlines the process of trying to find staff on other platforms or asking employees who they know to come fill the position. By using epic staff you avoid filtering through CV’s and taking time to schedule an interview. Everything is integrated in the app. All you have to do is, when the need arises, open up Epic Staff on your phone, post and browse through countless contractors ready, willing and able to work at a moment's notice. With Epic Staff’s transparency, you know what you're getting, and you know they have been vetted by your peers. By keeping a core team on your payroll. You can manage your labour cost and save on overhead. Meaning you can use Epic Staff to hire the extra pair of hands on busy nights, and avoid spending too much on staffing agencies.

When can I book contractors?

You can book contractors 24/7. Simply sign up or sign in, post and browse.

Can I have multiple job offers?

Absolutely ! In fact, we encourage it. By keeping a core team on your payroll. You can manage your labour cost and save on overhead. Meaning you can use Epic Staff to hire the extra pair of hands on busy nights, or avoid spending too much on staffing agencies.

Can I hire a contractor I like?

100%. At Epic Staff, we don’t believe in non solicitation clauses between our users. We aim to be a useful addition to your management tools. Our bottom line is your peace of mind.

Do the contractors get tips?

At your discretion, front of house workers on Epic Staff charge an hourly rate and know that tips are at the establishments discretion. We encourage establishments to allow waiters and bartenders to collect tips.

How can I complain about a contractor?

Reviews are prompted at the end of every contract. You can review every contractor at the end of their shift.

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